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Websites: Data, Indicators, Maps, and Rankings

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American Panorama: An Atlas of United States History

America's Brain Health Index

Atlas of the Historical Geography of the United States

Big Think: Blogs, Articles and Videos from the World's Top Thinkers and Leaders

Center for International Earth Science Information Network

Charts Bin

Citizen Source

Climate Central

Constitution Finder

County Health Rankings

Digital History - University of Houston

Economic Policy Institute

Environmental Performance Index (formerly ESI)

Flowing Data

Gapminder: Unveiling the beauty of statistics for a fact based world view

Genuine Progress Indicator

Geography and Map Reading Room - The Library of Congress

Global Health Observatory (WHO)

Global Peace Index

Global Problems and The Culture of Capitalism By Richard H. Robbins

Global Slavery Index

Hate Map (Southern Poverty Law Center)

Humanity's cultural history captured in 5-minute film By Alison Abbott (Nature)

Immigration Explorer (The New York Times)

Inclusive Wealth Index

International Centre for Prison Studies

International Human Development Indicators (UNDP)

Justice Mapping Center

KOF - Index of Globalization

Mapping Poverty in America (The New York Times)

Mapping the Nation

Mapping the Nation's Well-Being (The New York Times)

Measure of America: American Human Development Project

Migrations Map: Where are migrants coming from? Where have migrants left?

NationMaster: World Statistics, Country Comparisons

OECD Better Life Index

PEW Research Center

PISA - OECD Programme for International Student Assessment

Planet Money (NPR)

Political Cartoons

Population Pyramids of the World from 1950 to 2100

Public Policy Polling

Population Reference Bureau

RSA: Ideas and actions for a 21st century enlightenment

SEDAC - Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center

SIPRI - Stockholm International Peace Research Institute

Social Progress Index

Spotlight on Poverty and Opportunity

STAT Silk: Interactive Maps and Visualizations

Statistic Brain

The Equality Trust

The Geography of Government Benefits (The New York Times)

The Global Flow of People By Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel, and Ramon Bauer

The Long Now

The Numbers: How do U.S. taxes compare internationally? (The Tax Policy Center)

The Stanford Center for the Study of Inequality and Poverty

The Upshot: Politics, Policy, Economics and Everyday Life (The New York Times)

Time Maps

Transparency International: The global coalition against corruption 

22 Maps and Charts That Will Surprise You By Ezra Klein (Vox)

UNICEF - The State of the World's Children

U.S. History Timeline

Vision of Humanity: Institute for Economics and Peace

World Happiness Report 2013

World History Timeline


World Life Expectancy

World Population History

World Resources Institute

World Values Survey