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A Week of Misconceptions By The New York Times (The New York Times)

Americans for Medical Advancement - Advocates for Science-Based Medical Research

Billionaires With Big Ideas Are Privatizing American Science By William J. Broad (The New York Times)

Chemical Study Becomes A Tale of Conspiracy And Paranoia (NPR)

How Mouse Studies Lead Medical Research Down Dead Ends By Richard Harris (NPR)

How have pharmaceutical companies corrupted medical literature? (Thoughts of a Simple Citizen Blog)

IsisCB Explore

Is It Safe For Medical Residents To Work 30-Hour Shifts? By Rob Stein (NPR)

Protesting Too Much About #OverlyHonestMethods By Anastasia Kulpa (The Society Pages)

Retracted Scientific Studies: A Growing List By Michael Roston (The New York Times)

Retraction Watch

Scholar's Lab - University of Virginia

Science Debate

Science in History, Volume 1: The Emergence of Science  By J. D. Bernal

Science News - The New York Times

Scientists at Work - New York Times Blog

600 Club Gets a New Member By Amanda Cox and Kevin Quealy (The New York Times)


Statistical Literacy

Still Now, Should Lab Monkeys Be Deprived Of Their Mothers? By Barbara J. King (NPR)

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions By Thomas Kuhn -- Outline prepared by Professor Frank Pajares

Three Popular Psychology Studies That Didn't Hold Up By Benedict Carey and Michael Roston (The New York Times)

Too Few University Jobs For America's Young Scientists By Richard Harris (NPR)

Understanding Science (UC Berkeley)

U.S. Science Suffering From Booms And Busts In Funding By Richard Harris and Robert Benincasa (NPR)

When Science Gets Ahead Of Itself By Adam Frank (NPR)