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Aqueduct Global Flood Analyzer

Can 'Carbon Ranching' Offset Emissions In Calif.? By Christopher Joyce

Climate Change Trends: Carbon Emission Giants

Climate Change Will Disrupt Half of North America’s Bird Species, Study Says By Felicity Barringer

Climate Strategists: To Cut Emissions, Focus On Forests By Christopher Joyce

Conference on Environment and Health (National Meteorological Society)

Dirty Power: Sweden Wants Your Garbage for Energy By Elisabeth Braw (Aljazeera America)

Earth Policy Institute

Earth Vision Institute

Environmental Performance Index (formerly ESI)

Episode 1: It's All About Carbon By Robert Krulwich

Extreme Ice (NOVA: PBS)

Facing water shortages, Indian farmers dig in By Jon Miller

Global Footprint Network

Green-Energy Inspiration Off the Coast of Denmark By Diane Cardwell (The New York Times)


NASA Computer Model Provides a New Portrait of Carbon Dioxide By Patrick Lynch (NASA)

National Climactic Data Center (NOAA)

Oil Through the Ages (Marketplace)

On the Cusp of Climate Change Produced by Jeffery Delviscio, Jessie Dewitt, Claire Maldarelli, and Larry Buchanan (The New York Times)

Population Press

Rising Temperatures, Disappearing Coastlines

San Francisco, ‘the Silicon Valley of Recycling’ By Matt Richtel (The New York Times)

Share the World's Resources

Solutions Journal

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

The Next System Project

Troubled Water: A Map of Tomorrow's Thirsty Future (Pacific Standard)

U.S. Drought Portal

Water Footprint

Water Solutions - YES Magazine, Summer 2010

What Americans Think About Climate Change—It's Complicated By Ben Schiller (Co.Exist)

What Countries Are Doing To Tackle Climate Change By NPR News Staff

Where Does Your T-Shirt Come From? Follow Its Global Journey By Matthew Green (NPR)

With Dry Taps and Toilets, California Drought Turns Desperate By Jennifer Medina (The New York Times)

Yale Climate Opinion Maps: 2014 (Yale Project on Climate Change Communication)

Your Contribution To the California Drought By Larry Buchanan, Josh Keller, and Haeyoun Park (The New York Times)