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$15,000 in Student Debt and Counting By Michael Kirby Smith and Poh Si Teng (The New York Times - Video)

A Simple Equation: More Education = More Income By Eduardo Porter (The New York Times)

Adult Education: Adding Up the Cost of Low Literacy Among Adults By Kavitha Cardoza (NPR)

Arizona kids line up for free McMuffin on test day By Peter O'Dowd (Marketplace)

California's Upward-Mobility Machine By David Leonhardt (The New York Times)

College Has Gotten 12 Times More Expensive in One Generation By Katie Rose Quandt (Mother Jones)

College Inc. (PBS: Frontline)

Cooking the books: Lessons from the for-profit scandal -From Ivory Tower Blues

Essential Learning Outcomes (AAC&U)

Faculty Not On Tenure Track Rises Steadily Over Past 4 Decades (NPR)

Fear Not the Coming of the Robots By Steven Rattner (The New York Times)

Five Things to Know About the Dire State of Student Debt in America By Matthew Zeitlin (BuzzFeed)

Future Jobs-O-Matic (from Marketplace)

Health Care Opens Stable Career Path, Taken Mainly by Women By Dionne Searcey, Eduarso Porter, and Robert Gebeloff (The New York Times)

How a For-Profit College Targeted the Homeless and Kids With Low Self-Esteem By Annie Waldman (ProPublica)

Interview: Barmak Nassirian (PBS: Frontline)

Is College Worth It? Clearly, New Data Says By David Leonhardt (The New York Times)

It's Summer, but Where Are the Teenage Workers? By Patricia Cohen and Ron Lieber (The New York Times)

Many Manufacturing Workers Don't Make Enough To Keep Off Public Assistance (NPR)

Need 3 Quick Credits to Play Ball? Call Western Oklahoma. By Brad Wolverton (The Chronicle of Higher Education)

New Jersey’s Student Loan Program is ‘State-Sanctioned Loan-Sharking’ By Annie Waldman (ProPublic)

One School, One Year - A Series from Marketplace

One Year of Prison Costs More Than One Year at Princeton

Overworked America: 12 Charts That Will Make Your Blood Boil By Dave Gilson (Mother Jones)

Part-Time Professors Demand Higher Pay; Will Colleges Listen? By Claudio Sanchez (NPR)

PrecariCorps: Agents for Higher Ed

Producing Poverty: The Public Cost of Low-Wage Production Jobs in Manufacturing (UC Berkeley Labor Center)

Seeing The (Northern) Light: A Temporary Arctic Retirement By Curt Nickish (NPR)

Student Loan Debt Series (Here & Now)

Temp Land: Working in the New Economy (ProPublica)

The Absurdity of College Admissions By Alia Wong (The Atlantic)

The Days May Be Numbered For Corinthian Colleges' Accreditor By Kirk Carapezza (NPR)

The End of Neighborhood Schools By Anya Kamenetz and Edmund D. Fountain (NPR)

The Future of Work and Workers (Pacific Standard)

The Most Common Jobs For The Rich, Middle Class And Poor By Quoctrung Bui (NPR)

The Most Common* Job In Every State By Quoctrung Bui (NPR)

The Myth of Industrial Rebound By Steven Rattner (The New York Times)

The Price of Nice Nails By Sarah Maslin Nir (The New York Times)

The Secret To Germany's Low Youth Unemployment By Eric Westervelt (NPR)

The Vanishing Male Worker: How America Fell Behind By Binyamin Appelbaum (The New York Times)

There's No Homework in Finland

U.S. textile Plants Return With Technology, Not a Lot of Workers By Stephanie Clifford

What the U.S. Can Learn From Finland, Where School Starts At Age 7 By Claudio Sanchez (NPR)

Where and Who the College Graduates Are

Who Gets to Graduate? By Paul Tough (The New York Times)

Who Got Rich Off the Student Debt Crisis By James B. Steele and Lance Williams (Reveal)

Who Really Profits From For-Profit Colleges? By Sarah Barrett (Latino USA)

Why Aid for College Is Missing the Mark By Eduardo Porter (The New York Times)

Work In America (Marketplace and The New York Times)