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Alternate Unemployment Charts

AP Economic Stress Index

Basic Income Earth Network

BerkShares: Local Currency for Berkshire County

Democracy at Work: A social movement for economic democracy

15 Companies That Paid Zero Income Tax Last Year (Despite $23 Billion In Profits) By Ben Schiller (Co.Exist)

How the Recession Reshaped the Economy By Jeremy Ashkenas and Alicia Parlapiano (The New York Times)

Jean Tirole Wins Nobel in Economics for Work on Regulation By Binyamin Appelbaum (The New York Times)

Planet Money Makes a T-Shirt

Planet Money: The Economy Explained (NPR)

Schumacher Center for New Economics

Real-World Economics Review

Remember That CEO Pay Cap? It’s Even Less Effective Than We Knew By Allan Sloan (ProPublica)

The Executive Pay Cap That Backfired By Allan Sloan (ProPublica)

Why the Middle Class Isn’t Buying Talk About Economic Good Times By Neil Irwin (The New York Times)

Working, but Needing Public Assistance Anyway By Patricia Cohen (The New York Times)