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SOCIO 2 - American Society: Social Problems and Deviance

A focus on social problems, such as family disorganization, religious conflicts, educational irregularities, poverty, physical and mental health care, political issues, crime and justice, violence and aggression, drug issues, and environmental problems. These problems and others will be studied from the perspective of social institutions,  social deviance, and other perspectives of sociology. (MJC SOCIO 102)

Transfer: UC/CSU. IGETC 4J; CSU-GE D0. C-ID: SOCI 115

Sociology 2: Syllabus

Sociology 2: Exam Questions

Sociology 2: Highly Recommended Sources




Articles for Sociology 2


A History of New York in 50 Objects By Sam Roberts

American Poverty - A project of In Our Own Backyard, an organization of photojournalists committed to poverty alleviation in the United States

Food Access Research Atlas (USDA)

History of Lynchings in the South Documents Nearly 4,000 Names By Campbell Robertson (The New York Times)

History of Poverty and Homelessness in NYC

How Dark Money Flows Through the Koch Network By Al Shaw, Theodoric Meyer, and Kim Barker

Image Archive on the American Eugenics Movement

Immigration Explorer - The New York Times

Invincible Cities

Jane Addams - Hull House Museum

Museum of the City of New York - Collections Portal (Use the search function - advanced searches by criteria).

Stanford Center on Poverty and Inequality

The Cultural Creatives

The Great Divide - The New York Times series on Inequality

The Social Welfare History Project (VCU Libraries)

When Racism was a Science By Joshua A. Krisch (The New York Times)

Who Rules America? By G. William Domhoff